Your company is working diligently on a large order, or is at capacity trying to meet client demands. Suddenly, a utility worker accidentally damages a wire and your entire business is left in the dark. Now what? Without an immediate power restoration, your company is left scrambling to protect its profit and reputation.

A backup generator is a valuable investment for your business during emergencies, inclement weather, or during electrical work when a power outage is necessary. It’s a must to protect yourself from disruptive downtime that could otherwise compromise your reputation for reliability and service. If you’re not sure you really need a backup generator, learn more about how it works and why you need one.

How Does a Backup Generator Work?

A backup generator offers a backup electrical source that operates automatically. The generator automatically switches power over to the generator within seconds of a utility outage when installed correctly. When the power is restored, the generator reconnects to available utility lines. The generator should then shut back down and await the next power outage or disruption.

How Does a Backup Generator Get Its Power?

Fuel truck - backup generatorYour backup generator will run on a fuel source to draw its power and keep your business running. It will likely use industry-standard options, including propane, natural gas, unleaded gas, and diesel. It’s essential to work with experts on properly storing your fuel safely while still being convenient during a power outage if needed. Good business practice would dictate keeping your generator full of fuel and ready to go in an emergency. However, employees should receive training on how to handle the fuel properly and know what to do in case of an emergency. 

Do I Need More Than One Backup Generator for My Business?

The amount of backup generators you need depends on the size of your business and any heavy equipment you’re using. A portable generator may be an option for smaller companies and manufacturers, and you can move them wherever they’re needed to go and can be retrieved from a storage area. Larger businesses, including hospitals are required to have backup generators and comply with NFPA 110 in conjunction with NFPA 70. No matter your business, standby generator is usually installed permanently in a fixed location and are wired into the facility’s electrical grid.

Do You Have a Maintenance Plan for Your Emergency Generator?

Backup generators require ongoing maintenance and occasional repair to work efficiently and reliably. Beyond ensuring your generator is working properly, your industry or heavy equipment you’re using may need a generator to stay compliant and meet the demands of local laws and regulations. The experts at Industrial Engine Co customize maintenance programs that aligns with your business needs and goals.

What Happens If I Don’t Use a Backup Generator?

Lightning - backup generatorSmaller businesses may be tempted to forgo a backup generator to save on costs. However, the long-term financial impact of not having a generator can be severe. For starters, you’re losing out on productive hours when the power goes out. Workers are still being paid without the ability to do their work, and those same workers may end up requiring costly overtime to make up the lost time. 

Beyond labor and productivity issues, generators also help protect your customers. Hospitals and even smaller doctor’s offices cannot afford to lose power without impacting the health of their patients. If you run a company with access to sensitive customer data, you also need a generator to protect their information. 

Why Work with Industrial Engine Company?

Industrial Engine Company serves various industries, including commercial real estate, local and state government, facility management, healthcare, and backup power for small businesses. We’re a family-owned company with technicians and field service engineers who have been offering the best service in the industry for almost two decades. You can count on us to ensure your testing requirements are met, your critical power systems uphold the highest level of safety, and that any training needed for your team is provided. We also offer the best go-to for backup power for businesses large and small. 

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