Heavy Equipment Machinery Central Wisconsin

Did you know heavy equipment machinery has been used since at least the 1st century BCE? Vitruvius, an ancient Roman engineer, designed a crane that could be powered by human or animal power. Heavy equipment machinery has been used throughout history. Moreover, it quickly has become a necessity in modern society. Here’s a brief overview of the most common heavy equipment machinery used in our world and locally in Central Wisconsin.

What Is Heavy Equipment Machinery?

A piece of equipment is categorized as heavy machinery once it weighs over 5,000 pounds. Heavy equipment machinery consists of heavy-duty vehicles. The equipment and machinery are designed for industries like construction, forestry, agriculture, or mining. So, heavy equipment machinery like cranes, forklifts, and bulldozers fall under this category.

Construction Heavy Equipment Machinery: Excavators

The most common heavy equipment machinery in Central Wisconsin used is excavators. Excavators, also called diggers, are used in most or all construction projects. They are used in the first stages of construction to dig trenches, foundations, and holes.

Construction Heavy Equipment Machinery: Bulldozers

After excavation, bulldozers level those areas. They help remove or push large quantities of rubble or other debris to clear the area. There are three types of bulldozers: wheel, crawler, and mini dozers. Wheel dozers’ tires are easier on soft ground or sensitive surfaces, making them a piece of good heavy equipment machinery for road maintenance. A crawler dozer is good for off-road or rough landscapes. This is due to their tracks that help maintain a grip on slippery surfaces like mud. The last one is a mini bulldozer. It’s great for small projects around ranch, farm, or residential areas. Not to mention, its size is ideal for projects with narrow areas or small lots in Central Wisconsin.

Construction Heavy Equipment Machinery: Dump Trucks

The toy kids play with when they’re young and the heavy equipment machinery Central Wisconsin you most commonly construction sites are dump trucks. They transport large quantities of material from one location to another, thanks to their design. Plus, there are various types of dump trucks to help with each specific task in construction.

  • Supply dump truck
  • Semi-trailer end dump truck
  • Transfer dump truck
  • Truck and pop
  • Superdump truck
  • Semi-trailer bottom dump truck
  • Double and triple trailer bottom dump truck
  • Side dump truck
  • Winter service vehicles
  • Roll-off trucks
  • Off-highway dump trucks

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Construction Heavy Equipment Machinery: Loaders

If you see a dump truck, it’s most likely you’ll see its cousin, a loader. Loaders have a large bucket to help load material onto trucks and dumpers. They’re also similar to bulldozers because they have wheels or tracks. But which one you need will depend on your heavy equipment machinery and construction needs. Wheeled loaders are the more common heavy equipment machinery you’ll see on site. However, tracked loaders are ideal when wheel leaders can’t reach.

Construction Heavy Equipment Machinery: Compactors

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When there’s road construction in Central Wisconsin, compactors will be present. Also known as rollers, this heavy equipment machinery presses and compacts material into the ground. For different projects, there are different compactors. For example, a landfill compactor if you’re dealing with waste or a soil compactor if you’re working with soil and dirt.

No matter the industry, the Industrial Engine Company can meet all your heavy equipment machinery and construction needs in Central Wisconsin. Especially since we work in industrial, commercial, and residential industries. Contact our team today to schedule installation, review your heavy equipment needs, or check your maintenance needs.