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We are trained experts in Power Systems.

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Who We Are

Industrial Engine Co. was built to make sure your business continues year-round. We make sure your emergency power system and heavy equipment are at optimal performance.

We do this by providing regular maintenance and inspections. A priority of ours is to uphold a trusting relationship with you that is filled with comradery and diligence. We have a great deal of pride with our clients who we provide regular service for. We are not here for a one time job, but to ensure your business is able to continue year-round.

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What We Do

Emergency Generator Installation

Safeguard your business with consistent, reliable service with an Emergency Generator Installation. Regardless of inclement weather and power outages, your business continues working through emergencies while your competitors are left scrambling for solutions. Best of all, you get to serve your customers with the quality service they’re accustomed to without interruption.

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Power System and Heavy Equipment Service

Fuel your business with a Power System and Heavy Equipment Service. Our team assesses your project scope from routine maintenance to complete overhauls. We also prioritize minimal disruptions to your business operations and strive for customer satisfaction.

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Regular Maintenance and Testing Requirements

With nearly two decades of experience, our team of field service engineers makes sure you meet your testing requirements. We also test and maintain critical power systems to uphold your business’s highest level of safety and reliability. We can also train your team as needed and keep your business and services up and running.

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Emergency Service Calls

Your business is powered by hard work, dedication, and quality service. But without actual power, you can’t serve your clients and stay profitable. Our team makes emergency service calls to assess your power issues, maintain your generators and systems, and work towards resolving your emergency situation.

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Industries We Work With

Commercial and Real Estate
Local and State Government
Facility Management
Backup Power for Businesses

Why Choose Industrial Engine Co.

Our technicians have been doing this for almost two decades. We are a team of service technicians who are dedicated to the best customer service, safety, technical excellence and proven leadership. You can count on us to make sure your testing requirements are met, your critical power systems uphold the highest level of safety, and that any training needed for your team is provided.

Contact us today and we can schedule an in person appointment to go over your current power systems or heavy equipment, and answer any questions you have.

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We Are Trained Experts.

You will always be dealing with a team of experts at Industrial Engines Co. Our team of experts is factory trained in Blue Star and Briggs & Stratton Power Systems.

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