Your business is running smoothly and enjoying your most profitable year yet when disaster strikes. Whether you’re facing inclement weather or an issue with your building, a business emergency requires planning and a proactive approach to get through it. Does your team know how to stay up and running? Here’s how to expect the best but plan for the worst.

Create a Standard Operation Procedure for Emergencies

Leaving your team to figure out how to handle a business emergency without a plan is chaos waiting to happen. Instead, empower your team to keep things running with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) designed with emergencies in mind. Your SOP should detail organization functions step by step for your employees to follow. There should also be a contingency plan if the team members you delegate emergency responsibilities to are unavailable or unable to perform. Give your team all the information they need from vendors to customer contacts, what to do first, and avoid interruptions in business procedures.

Once an SOP is in place for a business emergency, train your team members on what to do. They should also undergo periodic re-training and check-ins to ensure continuity during a business emergency.

Get a Backup Generator

Lightning - backup generatorA backup generator could mean the difference between grinding to a halt during a business emergency and ensuring continuous operations. A backup generator hooks into your regular power source and automatically kicks in within seconds of a power outage. Whether your power goes out due to nearby utility maintenance or a natural disaster, a backup generator turns it into a minor inconvenience.

The team at Industrial Engine Co. can assess your space and needs to determine the best backup generator possible for your business. We also offer emergency visits and routine maintenance to keep your backup generator running.

Automatically Backup Files and Determine Who Has Access

Failing to regularly backup files and essential data is detrimental during a business emergency. Instead of leaving yourself alerts to backup files, invest in a service like Carbonite that automatically protects servers, external storage devices, multiple computers, and monitors for ransomware. If you lose your data during an emergency, everything is ready to restore with a few clicks.

Shore Up Insurance Policies

Imagine facing a flood or natural disaster and realizing you don’t have the appropriate insurance to protect your company during a business emergency. Look through your insurance policies to review your coverage and determine if they need adjustments. If you’re new to business insurance, consider the area you live in. A location prone to tornadoes or tropical storms needs appropriate insurance to protect yourself in a business emergency.

Establish Communication

Your company also needs appropriate and clear communication to deal with a business emergency. Design templates and communication around what to tell your clients, how you’ll handle payroll, and how to manage vendor contracts. It’s also essential to establish who releases the communication and deals with ongoing inquiries.

Test Emergency Procedures

It’s not enough to create elaborate plans and procedures around a business emergency, and they also require testing and ongoing consideration to ensure your business can stay up and running. The good news is your team will be well-prepared and ready to handle the unexpected with a bit of planning in place.

Why Work with Industrial Engine Company?

Industrial Engine Company serves various industries, including commercial real estate, local and state government, facility management, healthcare, and backup power for small businesses. We’re a family-owned company with technicians and field service engineers who have been offering the best service in the industry for almost two decades. You can count on us to ensure your testing requirements are met, your critical power systems uphold the highest level of safety, and that any training needed for your team is provided. We also offer the best go-to for backup power for businesses large and small. 

Don’t leave your business operations up to chance. Contact us to discuss an emergency business backup generator or other services today.