An emergency generator is more than an add-on or perk for your business; it’s a must-have. When severe weather strikes, your business is at risk for long-term power outages and other damage. Here’s what to know and what to consider for your generator and how it keeps your business safe. 

Will Your Emergency Generator Turn On During Severe Weather?

An emergency generator needs regular testing and maintenance to ensure they perform as expected during severe weather and a power outage. Discovering your generator is damaged or neglected during a power outage quickly turns a weather storm from an inconvenience to a crisis. A load-blank test helps ensure your generator’s operational conditions and whether or not it will protect you when it really counts.


Do Your Employees Know What to Do?

Your employees deserve protection during inclement weather. Make sure there’s a plan of action for a building evacuation, contacting customers or vendors, an emergency protocol, and an emergency generator in place. It’s also wise to have the contact information of your technicians or representative at Industrial Engine Co. programmed into employees’ phones, so they know who to call to help restore their systems or address a generator issue.

Are You Running Critical Equipment and Services?

An emergency generator is a must-have if you run critical equipment or offer sensitive services. For example, a hospital needs enough generators to keep all of its essential care services running efficiently to protect the lives and health of their patients. Or, if you run a data security firm, you need to ensure you’re safeguarding your customers throughout a weather emergency or power outage.

Is Your Generator’s Fuel Source Reliable?

An emergency generator runs on a fuel source, like propane, natural gas, unleaded gas, diesel, or other industry-standard options. However, if there is an issue, do your employees know where your fuel is stored, how to get to it, and how to handle it safely? Fuel-testing and maintenance is also a part of servicing your generator and the safety of your business and employees.

Is Your Business at Risk for Flooding?

Areas prone to flooding are at risk for more than wet floors and ruined equipment. If your sump pump stops working, your entire business could be out of commission indefinitely. An emergency generator keeps your business dry and able to weather the flood.

Do You Have a Maintenance Plan for Your Emergency Generator?

Your emergency generator needs an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure its efficiency. Work with a team like Industrial Engine Co to customize a program that aligns with your business needs and goals. Ongoing maintenance can also help keep your warranty up to date and compliant. 

Why Work with Industrial Engine Company?

Industrial Engine Company serves various industries, including commercial real estate, local and state government, facility management, healthcare, and backup power for small businesses. We’re a family-owned company with technicians and field service engineers who have been offering the best service in the industry for almost two decades. You can count on us to ensure your testing requirements are met, your critical power systems uphold the highest level of safety, and that any training needed for your team is provided. We also offer the best go-to for backup power for businesses large and small.

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