When you think of power failure you probably automatically think about losing power during severe weather. Unfortunately, there are various situations where power failure can happen and therefore impact your ability to conduct business. To make matters worse, most of these types of power failures are completely out of your control and there is no telling how long they will take to repair. You don’t want to be left in the dark due to power failures. 

Tree Limbs

Tree limbs are normally the cause of power outages during a storm. Strong winds and excess weight from ice and/or snow can snap tree limbs. These downed branches fall on power lines which in turn cuts the power. Not only are these fallen power lines dangerous, but they can also be frustrating when you’re left without power for the foreseeable future.

Natural Disasters

Along with severe storms, there are other natural causes of power failure. Hurricanes, tornados, and thunderstorms are the most common sources of natural disaster power failures. These disasters are more common due to the strong winds that can take down power lines.

Some other natural disasters cause issues without winds. For instance, earthquakes will damage infrastructures and cause power outages. Winter storms are other natural events that cause damage to infrastructures. The weight of snow and ice on power lines can cause long-term outages that are difficult to correct.



If you thought your day was going poorly, consider the squirrel that got tangled in the transformer down the road. So often wildlife and our man made world just don’t get along. Interactions between transformers and animals such as birds or squirrels can lead to power outages. While you might be glad that you aren’t that squirrel, power outages are still frustrating when they disrupt your business. 

Human Error

We’re all human, but some of us make more costly mistakes than others. When crews dig lines sometimes excavation is done in the wrong spot which can cut underground power lines. You’re supposed to call for information before you dig, but sometimes mistakes still happen. Lines are harder to see underground which makes them more susceptible to being accidentally cut. 


One of the most commonly talked about power outages lately have been caused by grid overloads. Sometimes these outages are chosen by electric companies to prevent overload, while other times the excess use isn’t caught in time. Having your power turned off “voluntarily” can make a difficult situation even worse. Most peak times for energy use are during business hours. Rolling blackouts or brownouts are never convenient and will always hit when you’re right in the middle of an important project. Sometimes you’re given notice of when these blackouts will happen, but this isn’t always the norm. 

How Industrial Engine Company Can Help Keep the Lights On

Industrial Engine Company allows you to have more control over when you are without power or not. You won’t have to worry about the nature vs. power lines squabble, or the electricity company with their rolling “brownouts”. Having a backup generator installed and maintained by Industrial Engine Company ensures that you can continue working no matter what the conditions are.

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