If you’ve been doing any research on backup generators or power systems in general you’ve most likely come across the topic of automatic transfer switches. You might be wondering what exactly they are or why they’re important. You might even already have one and be wondering how to keep up on maintenance to ensure they operate properly. Keep reading to find out the answer to your questions.

What is an Automatic Transfer Switch?

An automatic transfer switch, or as it’s sometimes referred to as “ATS”, is simply a device that transfers power from one source to another. This transfer switch is a vital part of having a backup power supply. It’s a fairly simple device that has a huge job and can save you valuable time during a power outage or failure.

Why Automatic Transfer Switches Are Important

An automatic transfer switch is important for many reasons. As mentioned before, installing an automatic transfer switch can save you valuable time during a power outage or failure. Instead of having to go to your backup power source and manually switch the power supply from your main source to the backup source, the automatic transfer switch will do it automatically. It does just as it says it does!

Another reason that an automatic transfer switch is important is because it functions to reverse the flow of electricity once power is restored. The device will be triggered once the power failure or outage is over to route the electricity from the backup source to the main source. This can help save your backup power supply, such as a generator, from excess wear and damage.

What to Consider When Selecting an Automatic Transfer Switch

There are a few technical aspects that need to be considered when selecting an automatic transfer switch. The first is determining which automatic transfer switch arrangement you need. The main arrangements are either two power sources or three. This is the type of consideration that you have for your power sources. It can be from a utility source to a generator, a generator to a generator, or even from multiple utility sources to a single generator.

The other aspects that need to be considered are the type of transition types, and the mode of operation. Even though the word “automatic” is in the name, there are manual versions of the device that require a button or handle to be engaged.

What We Offer for Automatic Transfer Switches

If this information feels a bit over your head- don’t worry! At Industrial Engine Company we provide services ranging from the sales of automatic transfer switches to servicing and maintaining them. You don’t even need to know what a circuit is. We’ll consult you on the right automatic transfer switch for your current operation, plus install it for you.

If you’re interested in adding an automatic transfer switch to your business preparedness plan, or backup power system, give us a call today.