Commercial generator maintenance is imperative to the safety and productivity of your business. Just like a car or machine’s engine, a generator needs regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

How Often Do I Need Commercial Generator Maintenance?

The experts at Industrial Engine Company tailor plans to meet the needs of your business. Some of our service recommendations may include fluid checks, filter changes, an analysis, and testing of your equipment. We offer regular inspections and emergency services to ensure your business efficiently runs and meets your customers’ needs. Ongoing maintenance also helps identify issues before they spiral into expensive repairs. Depending on your manufacturer’s warranty, commercial generator maintenance is also necessary to keep your unit compliant.

How often you run your equipment is also part of your commercial generator maintenance plan. If you’re running your generator regularly or regular equipment outages are common, you need maintenance more often. A small generator that is rarely used may only need periodic check-ups and maintenance. Equipment and generator inspections for a hospital or government property require ongoing service.

What Are Your Business Liabilities?

It’s essential to assess your liabilities if your power goes out or you experience issues with your equipment. Commercial generator maintenance is crucial if you’re providing critical care or data security. Businesses that need to comply with local or national codes related to power systems through NFPA’s multiple guidelines and regulations, you also need a well-maintained generator and equipment. If your liabilities are high when the power goes out, you need regular commercial generator maintenance to keep your systems up and running.

Can You Afford to Shut Down Your Business for a Few Days?

Most businesses can’t survive if their power or equipment goes down. Shutting down your business until the issue is sorted out and equipment is replaced is a deal-breaker. Schedule a regular commercial generator maintenance plan to ensure your business stays up and running and as profitable as possible.

Is Your Generator Ready for an Emergency?

Just because your business has a working generator doesn’t mean you’re ready for an emergency. You should have a plan and clarity on when your generator should kick in, what to look for, and how your employees should plan accordingly. Your staff should also have the number of their technician or representative, like Industrial Engine Co., to quickly assess the situation. Beyond having an emergency plan, a generator that isn’t maintained or repaired could fail at any time.

Why Work with Industrial Engine Co?

The family-owned Industrial Engine Co are experts in our field. Our technicians and field service engineers have been offering the best service in the industry for almost two decades. You can count on us to ensure your testing requirements are met, your critical power systems uphold the highest level of safety, and that any training needed for your team is provided. We also offer the best go-to for backup power for businesses large and small. Don’t leave your business operations up to chance. Schedule your Commercial Generator Maintenance service today.